Who Should We Eat?

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A mysterious accident causes your plane to crash onto an uncharted Island...and then you resort to cannibalism way too fast. Who should we eat? is a lighthearted social game about plane crash survivors trying to get off an Island. The only way off is to build a raft. Players play cards to gather resources for the Group – adding food, sanity, and wood for the raft. Unfortunately, food is scarce and people are edible. Trials will be held to choose the survivor to sacrifice his or her life - or sometimes a knife fight will determine the person being eaten. For the survivors, this means a loss of sanity, but it also means their raft need not be as large! however, those that are eaten, come back as ghosts and exact revenge upon the survivors trying to keep them on the Island before their sanity runs out or no one is left to build the raft. Can the team of survivors get off the Island before the team of ghosts stop them? Ages 14+, 4-10 Players, 30 minutes playing time

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