WarLock Tiles: Tavern

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Everyone can meet at the tavern! A jovial barkeep greets the adventurers from behind the polished wood bar as they enter. An offer of the finest ale from a recently tapped keg and nod to a vacant table while they wait rounds off his welcome. A few patrons sit comfortably in conversation with each other over some bread, however, one solitary figure lurks surreptitiously at the corner of the bar. Could something be amiss? Whether you are just starting your campaign, or gathering valuable information for the latest quest, WarLock Tiles: Tavern is the perfect set to create the go-to place in town! Includes: - Bar, Straight (1) - Bar, L-Shape (1) - Bar, 45 Degree Angle (1) - Beer Tap (1) - Drink Cabinet (1) - Keg Barrel (1) - Bartender (1) - Stone Fireplace (1) - Table (1) - Stools (2) - Bear Skin Rug (1) - Beds (2) - Bread Loaf, Circle (1) - Bread Loag, Long (1) - Rooster (1)

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