WarLock Tiles: Accessory - Kitchen

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Everything you need to flavor your game night encounters! You'll be cooking up some memorable encounters soon enough with the WarLock Tiles Accessory: Kitchen! The clattering of pots and pans and hurried shouts from the staff are not the only things filling the kitchen. The tantalizing aroma of a perfectly roasted turkey with all the trimmings wafts through the air alongside an equally delicious roasted pig, both ready to serve on the kitchen island. What else will the adventurers find brewing in the bustling activity of the busiest room in the castle? You'll want to be sure to add this set to your WarLock Tiles collection for the perfect recipe of a memorable game night! Includes: - Kitchen Workspace (1) - Kitchen stove (1) - Kitchen Shelves (2) - Kitchen Island (1) - Food Chest (1) - Stone Sink (1) - Server (1) - Pitcher (1) - Tankards (4) - Roasted Turkey with Garnish (1) - Roasted Pig with Garnish (1) - Bucket (1) - Privy (1) - Wash Basin (1) - Wash Tub (1) - Outhouse (1)

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