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Everything you need for multi-room adventure scenarios! WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways is compatible with most 3D terrain sets! These pieces feature integrated clear plastic bases to sit on top of tiles, various types of maps, or tabletops for ultimate flexibility in gaming. This pack includes a variety of entryways ranging from single to double doors, barred doors, floor hatches, and even a hidden wall entrance! Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles sets and accessories for even larger adventure setups! Includes: - Wooden Single Door (2) - Wooden Doubel Door (1) - Iron Single Doors (2) - Iron Double Door (1) - Cell Doors (2) - Hatch Doors (2) - Stone Door (1) - Stone Bricks Secret Door (1) - Sewer Entrance Door (1) - Iron Portcullis (1)

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