Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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In Ultimate Werewolf Extreme, 3-25 players will use their wits to deceive and uncover deception by fellow players as they attempt to discover who among them is a werewolf. Like traditional werewolf games, Ultimate Werewolf Extreme has all sorts of roles and a moderator to run the game, but the game is integrated with a new app that makes moderating easier than ever before. No more writing down all of the roles and who is assigned to them, or trying to remember some of the complex interactions that happen when using multiple special abilities. The app has two major parts: A deck configuration tool, and a game moderator assistant. The deck configuration tool creates a deck based on user-set parameters, such as number of players, moderator difficulty, info value, or traditional role balance. Ages 8+, 3-25 Players, 30-60 minutes playing time

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