Trouble for Hire

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Enter the post-western world of Ruben Carlos Ruiz, a mold-broken loner in over his head and wholly unafraid. Tell an action-packed, full-throttle road adventure story centering on Ruben’s exploits. Add a new chapter to Ruben’s legend as he mavericks his way out of tight situations with bare wits, stunt driver bravado, and judicious application of violence; after all, he is Trouble For Hire. Inspired by 70s road movies and contemporary post-westerns, Trouble For Hire is a tabletop game that casts players in the various roles involved in telling an exciting action story together. Someone plays Ruben Carlos Ruiz, the central protagonist, of course; but the other players take on roles like The Road Through The World that contains and threatens him, his trusty sidekick La Campañero, or the mystical strangeness of the inexplicable La Extraño. Guided by one of the several included adventures, you work together to spin a fabulous, original tale of high-octane cinematic road adventure! Trouble For Hire is the new storytelling adventure game from Kevin Allen Jr, designer of the Diana Jones Award nominee Sweet Agatha. It is published by ndpdesign.

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