The Lord of the Rings Board Game Anniversary Ed.

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In this game, players who work together attempt to prevent Sauron from taking back the Ring which Frodo has inherited, and which Sauron will use to forever enslave the land. You will journey with the Fellowship through the perils of Middle-earth using both your skills and your fortune as guides! Twenty years ago saw the first publication of this classic board game. It was the first "cooperative" game published in modern times and went on to be the model for what is now a very familiar genre. The game's faithfulness to the original works by Tolkien, and the breath-taking beauty of John Howe's artwork gave it immediate success and also ensured that its appeal would be timeless. The publishers are proud to salute this landmark board game with a new edition. Ages 14+, 2-5 Players, 1-2 hours playing time

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