The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen RPG (Hardcover)

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Aha! welcome, dear reader, to yet another place where I, the Baron Munchausen, have managed to secret away a few more paragraphs about My game where My dastardly editor cannot find them. I must be brief, but the pen of the Munchausen's is as Swift as the arrows fired upon Me by the dragon-hunters of Northern Greenland. (They mistook Me upon My flying carpet for some new breed of Dragon. Truly, they are a useless people.) My game, then, in brief. The extraordinary adventures of Baron Munchausen is a storytelling game of My own devisement, that invites you and your stout companions to share the tales of your adventures and exploits from around, across, and (in some cases) through the circumference of the world. As each one tells his story, the others shall interject with most villainous objections and interruptions, yet the true storytellers among you will persevere. Upon the completion of each one's tale and a copious amount of drinks, the best story will be judged by all players and the next round is ready to begin.

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