The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944

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The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944 is the latest in Ted S. Raicer`s WWII operational series that began with The Dark Valley: The East Front Campaign 1941-45. The game uses a chit-pull activation system that determines both the order and type of each sides` actions during the game`s ten action-packed turns, covering June 6 to August 21, 1944.The availability of Action Round chits (for the Germans, and separately for the British and US forces) is itself determined by the draw of Weather chits, one per turn, which reflect the importance of weather on the effectiveness of Allied air superiority and Allied shipping across the Channel. Weather also determines the number of German Reaction markers, which allow limited response to Allied actions. Ages 14+, 1-2 Players, 4+ hours of play

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