The Army Painter Highlight Brush

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AMYBR7002 Highlighting Hobby Brush by The Army Painter The Army Painter is proud to present its top quality & complete range of acrylic brushes for painting models and miniatures. Evolutionary in its design and with the right price, these small paint brushes are arguably the best value craft paint brushes in the industry. A great all-round thin paint brush for making detailed highlights on your models, the tip of this highlighting and miniature detail brush is sharp, making it useful for those hard-to-get areas. The bristles of this highlighting brush are made from the finest quality Toray synthetic hair to make it an ultimate wargamer model paintbrush and acrylic paint brush that is sure to bring beautiful crisp highlights to your wargaming minis, busts, scale-model vehicles, and figurines. TIP: Prevent dried paint from stiffening your brush by removing the paint where ferrule meets the bristles.

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