Takar Hunter

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An elite cadre stands watch over the frontiers of the Shrouded Kingdom. These men and women, the Takar Hunters, are scouts and falconers of the first order. No enemy can remain hidden from them for long. Their eagles range far ahead, revealing and marking foes. These raptors then return to fight alongside their masters, who are fair warriors in their own right. Takar Lookouts man the Amakir, or border castles, of the Kingdom of Mershael. They have many duties as part of the guard that protects the frontier and the most promising are eventually raised to the rank of Hunter and learn the ways of Taumari and Eagle. This model comes with the pieces to be constructed in one of two versions: the Takar Hunter (with eagle and sword scabbard) - a Hero, and the Takar Lookout (with hawk, knife and knife scabbard) - a Follower. Either the Takar Hunter or the Lookout may be taken as an Ally by any freeband. Both are Mershael faction models. 32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Patrick Keith. Includes: 6 pieces: body, knife scabbard, two right arm options - with knife or scabbard, two left arm options - with eagle or hawk 25mm plastic base

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