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SWL STAP Riders Unit

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Swift scouting craft designed for coordinating allied forces and performing reconnaissance, single trooper aerial platforms, or STAPs, are typically piloted by B1 battle droids and kept aloft by whirring repuslorlifts. As they speed above the battlefield, these nimble craft allow their riders to deliver targeting data to friendly units or strike at enemy forces before flitting away from harm. Within the STAP Riders Unit Expansion, you’ll find two beautifully detailed, unpainted STAP rider miniatures that featuring a number of customization options. Two different flight stands let you depict them at different heights, while the STAP pilots themselves can be assembled in a variety of poses. Finally, four upgrade cards invite you to equip them with comms systems to more fully integrate your STAP riders into your army. • A Separatist Alliance Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion • Integrate two swift STAP riders into your droid armies • Includes two unpainted, beautifully detailed STAP rider miniatures that can be assembled in a variety of poses • Four upgrade cards invite you to outfit your STAP riders with a variety of comms systems

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