Slow Sleigh to Plankton Downs RPG (Hardcover)

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A journey to the glaciated world of Myung's Misstep lands the players in the middle of a whodunit aboard the Nantucket Sleigh Ride as they attempt to uncover the truth behind the mysterious murders plaguing the ship. Will they reveal the culprit or suffer a cold, lonely demise on the face of the unforgiving ice? Slow Sleigh to Plankton Downs is a supplement for The Other world's favorite fantasy rpg, Troika! Written by the inimitable Ezra Claverie (Crypts of Indormancy) and impeccably illustrated by the ever-wonderful Dirk Detweiler Leichty (Super Blood Harvest, Troika!), these 38 pages are jammed packed with: -a murder mystery adventure on the ice -10 new Backgrounds -25 NPCs and a fantastic NPC generator

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