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For the 10th year anniversary of Sitting Ducks Gallery a Deluxe Edition of the game has been designed, adding unique ducks, introducing hilarious new action cards and with new mechanics to modify the gameplay. These increase the ability to have more players and include all of these great additional cards to the game with hilarious references and images by Randy Martinez. Sitting Ducks Gallery is a hysterically fun, stick-it-to-your-neighbor, line manipulation game invented by Keith Meyers. Sitting Ducks is reminiscent of the classic carnival-style, midway shooting galleries, where players are trying to take out as many ducks as possible. Players move ducks and targets, take aim, and eventually eliminate other players’ ducks using a variety of humorous Action Cards, while trying to keep their own safe. The goal is to be the last duck in the pond! Ages 10+, 3-6 Players, 30 minutes playing time

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