Seco Creek Vigilance Committee RPG (Softcover)

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Three notorious outlaws sit in the Seco Creek jail. The evidence against them for the current crime is scant. They’re probably not guilty—at least of this. But their reputation precedes them and the townsfolk have no intention of letting them make it to trial. You're part of the posse that apprehended them and the fate of the three outlaws is tied to your actions. But so is your own. What will you do? Seco Creek Vigilance Committee is a tabletop role-playing game of justice, law, revenge, and the discrepancy between what is right and what is good. It’s designed for intense one-shot play with one GM and four to five players over four hours. 6x9" 74 page B&W softcover book “Seco Creek Vigilance Committee is the sort of game I adore - an impossibly tight situation with a broad range of terrible outcomes emerging from it. Each session has been the best kind of awful.” JASON MORNINGSTAR, designer of Fiasco, Night Witches “The play itself was fantastic. I remember this terrible tension building up in the back of my neck. This feeling that I need to keep everything together, and that probably wasn’t going to happen.” SEAN NITTNER, Evil Hat "Seco Creek Vigilance Committee is about making intensely - maybe even painfully - character-revealing choices in a high-stakes scenario where there will be definite winners and clear losers. I had a great time playing it, and I can't wait to play again!" BILL WHITE, designer of Ganakogok, Nitrate City

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