Rum & Bones: Second Tide

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Davey Jones’ cursed treasure calls out to pirates all over the world and beyond. The magic in those pieces of eight have warped time and space, bringing crews in direct competition as they look to collect all the gold for themselves. Deckhands run across the decks, being guided by the ship’s Bosuns. Meanwhile, the Captains navigate across the emerald deep, seeking other crews and their hordes of treasure. Rum & Bones: Second Tide puts you in control of your own pirate crew. You will find your ship locked in combat with an opponent on the high seas. Boarding planks have been laid out to storm the enemy ship. Controlling endless waves of Deckhands and Bosuns, along with your hand-picked Heroes, you’ll make your way to the opponent’s deck, looking to deal as much destruction as you can. As your Heroes fight, they’ll acquire Davey Jones’ treasure, using the cursed gold to unlock powerful new abilities. You can also call upon the mighty Tide Deck to help in your endeavors, but beware of summoning the horrific Kraken. In the end, one crew will have all the booty, while the other has a date with Davey Jones’ locker. Ages 14+, 2-6 Players, 1 hour playing time

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