Rubicon Models M4A2(76)W Sherman

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The M4A2(76)W was not an important Sherman in the west during WWII. Just about the whole production run was shipped off to the Soviet Union, where it was well received. The M4A2(76)W was a wet tank with large hatches from the beginning. It’s 76mm T23 turret was the same as the ones installed on all the other 76 tanks, and probably went through the same series of minor changes. The hull is almost indiscernible from a M4A3(76)W. A total of 1,594 M4A2(76)W was manufactured between May 44 and Dec 44. From Jan 45, production was switched to M4A2(76)W HVSS; a total of 1,321 was manufactured until May 45. The Russians received some M4A2(76)W HVSS tanks before the war ended. Product Highlights: - Includes both early & late production T23 turrets - Includes both normal & “duckbill” extended end-connectors - Includes optional sand skirts - Open or closed hatches on turret and hull - Tank crew figures included

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