Munchkin: 2 Unnatural Axe Expansion

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Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe contains 112 more cards for developing your Munchkin deck. Munchkin 2 – Unnatural Axe is a supplement to Munchkin; you will need the original game to play. Or you could add it to a game of Munchkin Conan or Munchkin Pathfinder! Mix them all together for a Munchkin-fest of truly mind-bending proportions! With the Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe supplement, play a new race: Orcs! Face foes like the Hydrant and the Tentacle Demons. Equip yourself with dread armor like the Spiked Codpiece. Recruit allies like the Shoulder Dragon. Wield mighty weapons like Druid Fluid, the Catapult and, of course, the dread Unnatural Axe . . . show them who's the greatest munchkin of all!

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