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Ages: 8-99 Players: 2-5 Game Length: 20-30 minutes An exciting mountain adventure! The hiking season has begun, so it's off to the next summit! Do you have the right equipment for the hike you picked? If not, the swap negotiations begin! A good memory, some luck, and a favor or two from your fellow hikers will help you collect the most stamps in your Summits Book. • Set up the game according to the game instructions. Each move consists of two actions: 1. Select any hiking card. 2. Assemble equipment with your own cards or equipment borrowed from other players. Once you have all the equipment required on the hiking cards, you will receive favor stones and/or summit stamps. • Always pay a favor stone first before asking another player for an item of equipment. If necessary, play special cards or take a rest day (take favor stone). • Game ends when 2 of the 3-6 degree difficulty hiking cards piles are used up. The player with the most summit stamps wins the game. Includes: 1 mountain plan board 32 equipment cards (16 blues, 16 green) 62 hiking cards (6 degrees of difficulty) 1 cloth bag 70 blue favor stones 10 yellow favor stones 5 summit books 1 tear-off pad with season sheets 1 summit stamp with case 1 stamp pad 1 set of instructions

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