Merlin: Morgana expansion

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The search for a successor demands each help you can get, even from the witch Morgana le Fay! The 3 new modules can be played individually or in any combination with the basic game. There are also two new resources: gold coins and mistletoe. These are needed for each of the three modules, but can also be integrated independently into the basic game. In the module "Morgana" you use the witchcraft of Morgana to gain advantages over your fellow players. The "Market" module offers a new way to gain access to various resources to make the game more flexible. The "Caerleon" module alters the basic rules of the game exchanging the 6 principalities for city quarters each with a different rule set. That way you will be confronted with a whole new challenge on how to play Merlin. Ages 14+, 2-4 Players, 75 minutes playing time

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