Lost Cities Rivals

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Use your cards to venture down expedition routes that take you to far-flung, mysterious corners of the Earth. Your goal is to plan the routes in such a way that they bring you the greatest possible fame. If you are especially daring, you will also wager on the success of your expeditions. But watch out: You are not the only one traveling! Which routes will you pursue and how much gold is it worth to you? Only the player who has collected the most fame at the end of the game will be the winner. No game board required for this latest addition to the Lost Cities franchise! 65 expedition cards, with values from 2-10 in five different colors, are what players use to start and expand their expeditions. Wager cards can be used to increase the value of expeditions, and the gold tokens are necessary to bid on expedition cards. Since each round starts with a different starting player (depending on who won the auction in the previous round), a starting player card is included to help keep track. Ages 10+, 2-4 Players, 40 minute play time

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