Knight of Vasilar

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There is nothing so terrifying in all the military experiences of a soldier in Faelon than the charge of mounted Haradelan Knights. The Knights of Vasilar are among the most deadly. Their lances hit home with near unerring accuracy and even after the initial clash, they are lethal with the longsword, laying about them in a swath of death. Often, Knights of Vasilar are sworn to the goddess Ailea and so take the eagle as their symbol and inspiration. Many a battle that has hung in the balance ended in Haradelan victory with the sweeping thunder of a charge of Eagle Knights. 32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Micah Nichols. Includes: 15 pieces: horse, body, 2 head options (helmeted or bare), shield arm, 2 right arm options (sword or lance), left and right reins, 2 scabbard options (empty, sword in), barding (left and right front, left and right rear) 50mm plastic base

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