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Have you ever struggled with how to make a big, tough life decision like, Should I marry a mime? Or, Should I jump into a pit of sharks for Youtube??? We get it. Life is full of hard decisions, so we created a game about the BIG questions in life and then advise you with quotes from funny famous people! In Just Tell Me What to Do, a Decision Maker reads aloud a funny decision they're making each round. Other players (the "Advisors") advise them using Advice Cards from famous comedians, authors, and that wisest of sages, Anonymous. Each player gets 45 seconds or less to argue why their advice is best, and then the Decision Maker awards the best Advisor with the Dilemma card. You win if you get 4, but honestly, it's a party game, who's keeping score?! Ages 14+, 4-8 Players, 20-60 minutes playing time

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