Jumanji Fluxx

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Flux is the card Game of ever-changing rules. The rules start out simple - draw 1, play 1 - but become more exciting as players add new rule cards from their hands. Goals (The way to win the game) can also be changed by the players throughout the game. This version of fluxx - jumanji fluxx - may be the most dangerous Flux yet! But what DO you expect, Slogging through a jungle full of wild animals? You may need those animal Keepers to meet a goal, but if someone plays one of the all-new danger cards, they could Stampede and then you're eliminated... But only until your turn comes around again. It's just a game - at least the first time through the draw pile. After that, there are no more extra lives. If you want to survive, you'll have to carefully traverse the landscape, gathering The right gear and avoiding the many dangers. Includes a collectible coin. Note: there are two versions of this game. This version is the "specialty edition," which is published by Looney Labs and contains seven bonus cards that are not found in the mass market version, which is less expensive and is published by Cardinal games. Ages 8+, 2-6 Players, 5-30 minutes playing time

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