Hitler's Reich: WW2 in Europe

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In Hitler's Reich, one side is the Axis of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and their East European minions. The other is the Allies of the United States, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, along with the Soviet Union. Regardless of which game of scenario is chosen, there are several ways players can bring the game to an early conclusion. Although some games may be contested right down to the final card play on the final turn, any Hitler's Reich game can come to a Sudden Death Victory end should any of the following conditions be met: Sudden Death Conflict Card Hand Size Victory, The Fall of Berlin, The Fall of London and Moscow, National Capitulation, Players may replicate historic strategies aided by significant events such as Operation Barbarossa, Operation Overlord with the Soviets Operation Bagration; or they may experiment to discover if alternative courses of action produce superior results. Ages 14+, 1-2 Players, 2 hours playing time

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