High Plains Samurai RPG (Softcover)

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There is a world beyond our own steeped in darkness and struggling in the aftermath of a divine war; a world where its people fight not only to survive but to amass power, riches, and honour. A place of intense, high-octane wire-fu action set against the background of desert landscapes, high speed train robberies, and mutant warriors battling it out for supremacy. Nothing is as it seems in this world, and everything is possible. We call it… High Plains Samurai. High Plains Samurai blends the worlds of western gunslingers, samurai warriors, prohibition-era gangsters, savage barbarians, and more with the wild martial arts action of wire-fu. Visceral and aggressive tales of woe, vengeance, and bloodshed are created to either return The One Land to its former glory, or tear it apart into chunks of lifeless rock hurtling through space. HPS is an open-ended setting and storytelling game where your group’s vision of the story is the main focus. Set in the scarred and bloody setting known as the One Land, your story could begin in: Serenity Falls, a desert-swept city of harsh depravity and lawlessness fuelling one warlord’s insatiable greed Yung Zhi, where swaying towers loom above overwhelming poverty and overcrowded streets controlled by powerful gangsters. Monsoon, the samurai compound where strict order keeps back the surrounding poisonous jungle. Khar’tep, home of magnificent heights encompassed by jagged peaks and frigid blizzards controlled by the barbarian tribes or Rust, a hidden city of wild inventions and rotting depths oppressed by a xenophobic cult

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