Hamster Clan

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Ages: 4-99 Players: 1-4 cheeky hamsters Game Length: ~15 minutes Can you work together to collect all the food before winter? Players are working together to try and store carrots, clovers, and wheat, before winter comes. On a players turn they roll the dice. A player then moves that many spaces. They can move toward the surface to grab some of the food they need. Or through the vast tunnel network to bring the food back down to store for the winter. Player can also pass food from on player to another. Each turn a leaf will fall off the tree bringing winter ever close. Includes: 4 hamsters 1 hedgehog 12 food tiles (4 carrots, 4 clover leaves & 4 ears of wheat) 1 game board 1 elevator 1 hamster wheel 1 wagon 1 gondola 14 tree leaves 1 die Set of instructions

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