Forbidden Psalm RPG: In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard (Hardcover)

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A campaign setting for the core book, Forbidden Psalm, a 28mm miniatures agnostic game where you can use suitable miniatures you already own or build custom minis for solo and Coop play. In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard picks up the narrative where the core book leaves off. In this campaign expansion your warband of 5 greedy souls will face new trials, find new treasures, recruit pets and die in horrible ways. This book adds new weapon tables, new spells, new equipment, new feats, flaws and a 15 session long campaign that can be used for both the MÖRK BORG ttrpg and Forbidden Psalm miniatures game. Including: - A new Campaign system, featuring richer opportunities for progression and injury - 15 new scenarios - Pets! Pets! Pets! - More weapons, relics, and treasures - 10+ New monsters - Randomness Intensifies: dozens of new tables for that sweet sweet emergent narrative

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