Food Chain Magnate: Ketchup Expansion

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It's not just coffee, it's Splotter. We have the meat. A big table deserves a good ketchup. Restaurant now seating up to 6 patrons. New menu, original taste. Finger-lickin' good. I'm Playing it! New exotic flavors available. Don't bite off more than you can chew! Just have a seat. We play with food, and we like to play well. In order to enjoy our new options, you need a copy of the original game. Games will include: materials to play with 6 players, a new set of milestones that completely changes strategic options, coffee and barista's: places where people stop on the way to get food, new tiles with different types of buildings, new food types that attract customers in different ways, new employee cards and available promotions, ketchup. A copy of Food Chain Magnate is required to use this expansion. Ages 14+, 2-6 Players, 2-4 hours playing time

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