Field Commander: Napoleon

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the bleak island of Corsica and joined the French army to provide for his beleaguered family. His superior military skills, charisma, and political prowess soon moved him up the ranks and into positions of ever-increasing importance. When the French Revolution erupted in 1789, he seized the opportunity and within a few short years, maneuvered himself into being the Emperor of France. During the following decade, his armies marched across Europe, Africa, and Asia in his quest for world domination! Each campaign features a unique set of infantry and cavalry counters with combat values accurate for that campaign. In each campaign you move your army, engage in detailed battles, and march your forces to victory! Your decisions create an endless variety of outcomes, which makes each campaign infinitely replayable. Your decisions directly affect the life of Napoleon and his quest to rule the world. You can also link your campaigns to play through Napoleon's life. This game includes all of Napoleon's campaigns from his first command in Italy to his last battle at Waterloo! Field Commander Napoleon is a solitaire game. You are placed in command of Napoleon's forces and make historically accurate decisions, while the built-in game system controls the opposing forces. This means you can play the game at your own pace, whenever, and wherever you choose. 1 Player, 90 minutes playing time per campaign

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