Feed the Shoggoth!

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Feed the Shoggoth! is a fast and furious card game in which players take on the role of various evil cult leaders attempting to appease the very angry and hungry shoggoth slithering around the table (and, thus, earning points to win the game) by feeding it Minions from their cult, while the other cult leaders attempt to sabotage the sacrifice. But watch out! If you can't feed the shoggoth on your turn, the shoggoth will eat you, and you're out of the game! The core game contains the following: 72 Spell, Artifact, and Action cards 36 Minion Cards 10 Unique Cult Faction Cards 1 Shoggoth Card 1 Graveyard Card 1 Set of rules Winner of the Casual Game Insider's Recommended Award! Ages 14+ 3-6 Players 30-45 minute playing time

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