Fantasy Terrain: Pools & Pillars

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An amazing box set containing 24 beautifully crafted miniature figures that will surely bring your tabletop game or collection to the next level! This unique set will contains an assortment of pools, pillars, and pressure-fit accessories. Both the pillars and pools in this set will have a special feature allowing you to customize your scenes with interchangeable pressure-fit parts! Add torches, banners, or a mounted deer head to your pillars or customize your pools to your liking with the WizKids Miniatures: Fantasy Terrain: Pools & Pillars Set today! Components: 4 Pillars 1 Fallen Pillar 4 Banner Accessories 4 Torch Accessories 1 Deer Head Accessory 3 Small Pools 1 Large Pool 3 Large Pool Rock Pieces 2 Large Pool Gargoyle Statues 1 Large Pool Brazier

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