Extra Impetus II

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The second supplement for Impetus, including a campaign game, tutorials, rules clarifications, and 50 new army lists from three different periods: The Roman Empire Early Imperial Romans Early Germans Jewish Revolts Dacians Later Sarmatians Alans Middle Imperial Romans Sassanid Persians Palmyra Arab-Aramaic Kingdoms Pre-Islamic Arabs Armenians Ancient Britons Caledonians Early Irish Picts Alamanni Late Imperial Romans (West) Late Imperial Romans (East) Early Visigoths or Thervingi Moors The Year 1000 Normans in Normandy Anglo-Danish Danish or Norwegians (Vikings) Norse Irish Welsh Normans in Sicily Sicilian Arabs Nikephorian Byzantines Konstantinian Byzantines Early French Eastern Franks and Ottonians Papal States Magyars Later Longobards The Crusades in Holy Land Early Fatimids Later Fatimids Seljuq Turks Sultinate of Rum Early Komnenian Byzantines Later Komnenian Byzantines Cilician Armenians Syrian States Ayyubid Egyptians Early Crusaders Later Crusaders Latin Empire Empire of Nicaea Despotate of Epiros Second Bulgar Empire

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