Escape the Dark Sector: Mission Pack 3 – Quantum Rift Expansion

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Requires Escape the Dark Sector to play The very fabric of what you consider real is shattered as you hurtle through time and space - coming face to face with legendary dangers of the distant past... Contains: 1 New Boss: Battle a creature who wields time itself as a weapon. 12 New Chapters: Four per act, including dangerous historical settings. 3 New Crew Members: Versatile alien friendlies, keen to do take up the fight. 8 New Item Cards: Quest Items, a new type of item card found only in specific time-travel chapters. 4 New Dice: Three crew dice, plus a 'Time die' - used to determine the effects of certain chapters and item cards, as well as bringing a new challenge to the final battle. New Mechanic: Time Travel! With every turn of a chapter card, hold your breath as you risk plummeting through a rift in time, coming face to face with deadly threats from the distant past. Ages 14+, 1-4 Players, 45 minutes playing time

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