Escape the Dark Sector: Mission Pack 1 – Twisted Tech

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Requires Escape the Dark Sector to play Discover the bizarre and disturbing technology of the far future, where sinister intentions and limitless possibilities collide... Contains: 1 New Boss: Face-off against an evil uber-genius obsessed with neural implants 12 New Chapters: Four per act, exploring the stations tech-skewed terrors 10 New Items: Including deadly new weaponry and powerful new cybernetics 7 New Dice: Special new Ammo Dice to accompany the enhanced firepower on offer, plus a 'Tech die' - used to determine the effects of certain chapters and items, as well as bringing a new challenge to the final battle New Mechanics: Tactical Drone Selection. During setup, choose which drone your crew will take on the mission. The 'Activate Drone' action now includes a choice of drone ability to trigger, and is no longer limited to merely healing. Ages 14+, 1-4 Players, 45 minutes playing time

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