Eleven: Solo Campaign Expansion

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"Youth Coach”, "Assistant Manager”, "Amateur Manager” - there can be many titles in the career as a club manager. You start from scratch, somewhere in a godforsaken place, keeping your 40-yearolds chasing the ball. But if you work hard and get lucky at the same time, who knows, maybe someday you will find yourself in the first division? Solo mode in the base game was not enough? No problem! Eleven: The Solo Campaign is an expansion to the strategic game by Thomas Jansen (Club Stories, Tavern, Streetpainball) set in the world of football. Write your own story as a club manager playing 14 scenarios combined into a cohesive Campaign! Start in third Division in the Brickton FC and work your way up through the ranks. After each scenario you play, you will face a dilemma: stay or look for something else? Your results will determine how many offers you will get and how attractive they will be. Someday you’ll win the First Division and your dreams will come true! Requires Eleven: Football Manager base game to play

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