Draw Down the Moon RPG (Softcover)

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Draw Down The Moon is a storytelling game for 2-6 players. Players embody unique & magical characters escaping their dying planet and pursuing a new life on a mystical and hazardous moon while simultaneously exploring the memories of the things they left behind and the impact those losses have on their hopeful future. Limited Edition of 300 Detailed Synopsis: Draw Down The Moon is a story-focused roleplaying game for 2-6 players to experience in a single 2-4 hour session. Players act as the directors, actors, and audience for their own unique story about The Moon Drawn, a reluctant leader on a lunar expedition, and their various comrades in a hazardous exploration of a mysterious moon while their home planet suffers a magical cataclysm. You will create moments of action, success, drama, sincerity, tension, self-examination, and much more, reflecting many of the themes presented on the Foxing album this game accompanies. Use the included rulebook & cloth play-mat (while supplying their own dice, tokens, and writing tools) to generate scenes of their unique journey and the emotional and personal triumphs and shortfalls that come with it. This game does not require a Game Master like many traditional roleplaying games, so all players have equal input over the shared narrative and results in unique collaborative storytelling that warps shape to suit the subjects that interest you most. Play is focused on creativity, collaboration, interpretation, and improvisation, allowing every player unique opportunities to shape the direction of their shared story at every stage while juggling randomized lunar challenges and the impending demise of their home world.

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