Disney Shadowed Kingdom

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Team up with your favorite Disney Heroes as you search for remnants of Magic... but beware, the evil monster Doubt may be lurking in the darkness! In this quick, easy to learn card game, two players must work together to explore the Shadowed Kingdom, all without speaking or hinting to one another about the location of specific cards. Only by paying close attention while utilizing memory and strategy can our heroes hope to succeed. Gameplay revolves around silently adding cards face-down to a 2x2 grid in one of two directions, causing cards to be pushed either into the hand of your partner for discovery or out of the grid completely. Each card that is discovered features either: - Magic, which counts toward points needed for victory - Shadow, which inches you further from your goal - Locations that are explored, triggering in-game effects Disney heroes provide special powers that can be activated throughout the course of your journey. To win, max out your Magic Tracker before the Shadow Tracker is full.

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