Design Eye: The Graphic Design Education Game

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Design Eye is the world's premier graphic design education board game, a creative game for people with great ideas. Players are students competing for acceptance into a prestigious design school called The Haas and must build a strong portfolio. Learn about the major disciplines and fundamentals of graphic design. Sketch your own ideas and present them to your opponents for critique or speed test your design knowledge via flash cards. Doing both earns you points to gain portfolio cards (which represent each work in your portfolio). The first player to finish their portfolio (or acquire the most portfolio cards) wins and gets accepted into The Haas! In more detail, as you move around the board, you either sketch and present your own ideas (in two minutes) or speed answer through a flash deck (one minute). Earn points for completing the design activity, with 100 points getting you one portfolio card (PC). The first player to earn 5 PCs wins. (Alternatively, you can adopt "quick play" rules that allow you to choose your own PC victory level.) Whether you win or lose, enjoy the abundant graphic design knowledge you'll learn and reflect on the many original ideas you'll generate that you can transform into the next big thing as businesses or passion projects! Ages 13+, 2-6 Players, 10-90 minutes playing time

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