Dark Souls the Card Game: Seekers of Humanity Expansion

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Seekers of Humanity features special rules for Invaders and their unique treasures, which add a brand-new element of excitement and challenge to your encounters. Invaders hide among your enemies, ensuring you'll never know exactly when you'll have to face these new, terrifying faces. In addition to these dark spirits, this expansion also includes plenty of fresh enemies and well as four distinctive bosses from the world of , providng you with the optoin of exploring the Forest of Fallen Giants or the Iron Keep. These new choices will keep even the hardiest of players on their toes. This expansion also features two additional playable characters, the brave Warrior and the pious Cleric, as well as dozens of new treasures, all of which will enable you to further customize and evolve your own personal game experience. Ages 14+, 1-4 players, 60 minute play time

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