Core Space: The Sci-Fi Miniatures Game Core Box

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It's all coming apart. The thousand-year galactic accord is crumbling, superstition & fear is replacing science & reason, governments are becoming increasingly draconian, a mysterious alien species is burning entire worlds & the black hole in the galactic heart is making worrying noises. Amidst this bedlam are the traders, trying to scrape a living with nothing but their wits & their simple credo to follow: SALVAGE. TRADE. ADAPT. SURVIVE. A game of Core Space takes place on a detailed 3D board. Your Traders must explore the area, fulfil their objectives, salvage what they can & then escape back to their ship, spending their earnings on desperately-needed repairs. The exciting campaign system will track your crew from game to game, developing their skills, upgrading their equipment & telling their story. This core set accommodates 1-2 players, but the game supports up to 6 players using additional Trader crews, available separately. Ages 14+, 1-2 Players, 60-120 minutes playing time

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