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This is the Army Lists book for the European fronts of World War I. You will need the Contemptible Little Armies rulebook in order to use these lists. Some of the armies are broken down by years as the armies were organized differently during those time frames. Along with the Lists, are several pages of quick references on the armies at the back of the book. So for those quick, pick-up games, you will not need to write out your lists. Part One: The Entente 1) The British Army, 1914 2) The British Army, 1915–1918 3) The French Army, 1914 4) The French Army, 1915–1917 5) The French Army, 1918 6) The Allies in Macedonia, 1915–1918 7) The Belgian Army 8) The Russian Army 9) The Serbian Army, 1914–1915 10) The Serbian Army, 1916–1918 11) The Montenegrin Army, 1914–1915 12) The Italain Army 13) The Rumanian Army 14) The Greek Army 15) The Portuguese Army 16) The US Army, 1917–1918 Part Two: The Central Powers 1) The German Army, 1914 2) The German Army on the Western Front, 1915–1916 3) The German Army on the Western Front, 1917–1918 4) The German Army on the Eastern Front, 1915–1918 5) The Austro-Hungarian Army, 1914–1916 6) The Austro-Hungarian Army, 1917–1918 7) The Turkish Army 8) The Bulgarian Army

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