Combined Army: Shasvastii Action Pack

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The Shasvastii are the Combined Army’s hounds, explorers and trackers. The Shasvastii army works to a criterion of lightness and mobility, disdaining super-heavy combat units. The specialty of this treacherous race is to cause panic, distrust and paranoia, winning wars thanks to fear and stealth. This box includes ten miniatures for the Shasvastii Army: Three Nox Troopers with Combi Rifle, one Mentor with Boarding Shotgun, one Caliban with Boarding Shotgun, one Caliban with Spitfire, one Shrouded with Combi Rifle, one Gwailo with HMG, one Malignos with Boarding Shotgun and the special character Sheskiin with Red Fury. The perfect box to start collecting and playing with the Combined Army and the Shasvastii. RECOMMENDED PRODUCT FOR INFINITY CODEONE Box contains: 3x Nox (Combi Rifle) 1x Mentor (Boarding Shotgun) 1x Caliban (Boarding Shotgun) 1x Caliban (Spitfire) 1x Shrouded (Combi Rifle) 1x Malignos (Boarding Shotgun) 1x Sheskiin (Red Fury) 1x Gwailo (HMG)

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