Cobwebs RPG (Softcover)

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COBWEBS is a 1-5 player GM-less RPG that tells stories of reluctant investigators uncovering terrifying conspiracies and getting far more than they bargained for. It combines elements of noir, horror, and science fiction to create a uniquely haunting mystery built collaboratively. If you enjoy podcasts like Limetown and Tanis, comics like Mind MGMT, or movies like Under The Silver Lake and Mute-you're in the right place. This game builds upon mechanics you know from games you already enjoy such as Lovecraftesque, Blades in the Dark, and The Hour Between Dog & Wolf while simultaneously bringing a new and novel experience to your table. Cobwebs is designed by Adam Vass of World Champ Game Co. illustrated by Sally Cantirino, and published by Exalted Funeral. this boxed game includes: - the complete rulebook - a screen-printed cloth playmat - 3 role reference cards - 4 custom d6 in two distinct pairs for the shadow and darling roles - 1d12 for the machine role - 6 danger tokens - a custom metal token to track Time For two different Actual Play recordings to hear the sort of stories this game can tell, visit .

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