Brinkwood RPG Artbook (Softcover)

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This artbook features artwork from the roleplaying game Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants. Featuring artwork from: Steph Cheung is a queer artist who loves long walks and collecting crow feathers. She lives in Seattle with her partner, an extremely large cat, Rexi and darling pet snake, Maru. Myca Labelle is your friendly neighborhood mushroom. Visual artist from Canada working mainly in pen and ink, specializing in horror, monsters, myths and mushrooms! Olivia Rea is an illustrator with a love of all things fantasy and RPGs! she likes to create beautiful and dark moods in herwork, and really enjoys projects with a strong sense of story. Mohamed Saad is an Egyptian artist working in the movie, video game and digital art industry. ...and more! Mask up. Spill blood. Drink the Rich. The world is not as it should be. The rich feed, literally, upon the poor, as blood-sucking vampires who barely bother to conceal their horrific, parasitic nature. The downtrodden peoples of the world struggle under the burdens of rent, payable through the sweat of their labor or the blood of their veins. Evil has triumphed. Many have given in to despair. But all is not lost. In Brinkwood, you take on the role of renegades, thieves, and rebels struggling for freedom and liberation in a castylpunk world controlled by vampires. Radicalized by tragedy, you have taken up arms and fled into the forests, where you were taken in by unlikely allies - the fae, forgotten creatures of myth - who offered a different path and the means to fight back against your oppressors. Masks, forged of old wood and older magic, are the final tool left to fight a war long ago lost. If you wear them, they will take their price, etching themselves upon your very soul. But they will also let you spill the blood of the rich and powerful vampires that now rule the land, and from that blood strengthen yourself and your movement.

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