Bloodborne The Board Game: Forbidden Woods Expansion

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The forests beyond Yharnam are rarely the object of a Hunt, but when the horrors that creep beneath the trees are seen in the outskirts, the Hunters must plunge beneath the dark canopy to beat back the rising tide of infection and madness. But beware, for the Woods are treacherous, confusing, and malevolent. Succor may be found in sparse villages and settlements, but such places tend to breed dark secrets and lurking terrors. There is much afoot in the Woods tonight! Prepare for the Hunt! Forbidden Woods contains two full Campaigns, and one side-mission Chapter that can be integrated into any existing Campaign. In this expansion, five new types of Enemies and two new Bosses will ambush Hunters, poison them, and assault them with deadly illusions to confuse and betray the senses. Should Hunters overcome these challenges, however, long-lost rewards await them... Ages 14+, 1-4 Players, 45-75 minutes playing time

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