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Now showing at a couch near you! Get ready for a Blockbuster movie game for two. In the newest installment of the Blockbuster game series- Get ready for some serious teamwork and laughter with Blockbuster and Chill. Beat the game with your partner to become victorious. Be prepared to feel the 90’s nostalgia, as this game comes with old school Blockbuster VHS sleeves, just like how you remember them. Whether you’re with a special someone or hanging out with your buddy, this one’s all about working together. To beat the game, you’ll need to team up and figure out the mystery movies in front of you before the time runs out… and the dreaded ‘Late Fees’ come-a-knocking. Pick up too many Late Fees and it’s game over! Blockbuster and Chill has categories like “Movies by Steven Spielberg” that will having you coming up with creative answers and laughing out loud. This simple game is perfect for date nights, hanging out with a friend, or having a laugh with your parents. It is intended for ages 14 and up, and only takes about 20 minutes to play. Check out our other Blockbuster games for different game play and more interesting cards! Ages 14+, Two Players, 20-30 minutes playing time

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