Before I Kill You Mister Spy

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Before I Kill You, Mister Spy is a classic card game from cheapass. This is the third edition of this game, formerly known as "James Ernest's totally renamed spy game" and previously known by a title we aren't allowed to tell you. Players take the role of Super villains, luring Spies into their lairs and killing them for points. But before you kill a spy, you may be tempted to taunt him for extra points, leading (sometimes) to his escape. It's a simple press-your-luck game, except that it can be up to the other players to decide if you fail. Before I kill you, mister spy is one of our all-time best sellers, and we are thrilled to bring this new edition into print. This version has handsome new 1960's style graphic design and a wholly retuned game engine, making it the best edition in every way. Ages 12+, 2-6 Players, 30 minutes playing time

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