BANG! The Duel: Renegades Expansion

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BANG! The Duel - Renegades is the first expansion for BANG! The Duel; to play you must have the base game. This expansion includes four new and exciting game modes for duels or three-player challenges In "the third faction" mode you, can choose whether to let the renegades play against the law or against the outlaws. In “reinforcements” mode, renegades are allied with the law and the outlaws. In the "Mexican stalemate" or "triello" each faction has its own objective: the law must eliminate the faction of the renegades, the renegades that of the outlaws and the outlaws that of the law Discover the new resource cards, green-bordered: special equipment that you can use without limits. Ages 8+, 2-3 Players, 30 minutes playing time

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