BANG! The Duel

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The Law and the Outlaws finally face each other openly, and the duel promises to be full of surprises! For each faction, there are two characters at a time, one in the front line and one in the rearguard: only those who know how to carefully use the positioning of their gunslingers—and their skills and resources–will make their opponent bite the dust and be the winner! 80 cards divided into two decks: that of the Law and that of the Outlaws. Will you be on the side of the Law with Buffalo Bell, Tex Killer, and Jango; or on the side of the Outlaws with Toco Ramirez, Slim Poet, and Jack Ransome? BANG! The Duel is a game in its own right Does not require BANG! to play. Ages 8+, 2 Players, 30 minutes playing time

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